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You already know why coffee is bad for you. Is drinking tea your next power move?

Black tea consumption in America usually takes the form of iced tea, but the high quality tea leaf used in the tea bags from the Sasquatch Tea Co. are bringing all of the black tea benefits without the unnecessary negative impacts on your blood sugar levels

The jitters, the crash, the deleterious impacts on your body’s blood pressure and cortisol levels — your coffee addiction can be causing you more harm than good. For millions of Americans, a morning cup of coffee is a necessity to kick-start their day. Believing it to be the best way to fuel their sagging energy […]

The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

At Sasquatch Tea, we consider ourselves “big tea guys” meaning we are not ones to pass up a good cup of tea at any time of the day, but did you know there could be health benefits to becoming a “big tea guy” yourself? Tea has been a drink of choice by people around the […]